We offer a full network service, support and installation service. From single cable runs to large multilevel corporate networks, we can do it all.

Every installation is planned and designed with the customers needs in mind, not just todays, but tomorrows as well. Each installation is configured to be able to carry any kind of traffic and data to any other point, not just carrying Ethernet but analog and digital phone traffic, VOIP systems with POE, RS485, security systems. CCTV and even video. Each installation is fully tested before use and every cable run carries a lifetime guarantee against faults and defects. As well as physically installing the hardware we tie the whole job up with our own range of network equipment including fully featured firewall systems, remote access systems, VOIP exchanges, monitoring and environmental control.

We can provide support, repairs and upgrades to existing systems too. All work we carry out is to industrial standards and is automatically compatible with any other system provided it was installed to these same standards. We also have our own in house electronics engineers meaning we can work round most issues.