PC & Server Healthcheck
As time goes by computer systems can and do slow down. There are many, many reasons for this from a build up of software, spyware or virus infections to fans and cooling systems becoming blocked. Damage can accumulate within the operating system especially if programs are often installed and removed. For the best part all of these can be quickly and easilly addressed and corrected by our healthcheck. In addition we check that your Anti Virus is up to date and working effectively along with all other security software and update mechanisms. We'll physically clean the machine inside and out and make sure all fans are running and performing correctly. Finally we will apply a number of optimisations and speed tweaks we have worked out over the years and tested. Your machine will come back running quicker and more stable. A standard Healthcheck on a PC, Laptop or Server costs £45 and generally takes 48 hours.

Critical Healthcheck
There are a number of machines that are defective by design. Because of legal reasons we are unable to post a list, however we will tell you if your machine is covered by this when you contact us. A critical healthcheck is the same as above however we will make a number of extra hardware checks and modifications to acertain if the defects are affecting your PC and if not, try and stave them off. If your laptop is intermittantly failing to boot, randomly crashing, showing issues with the wireless, webcam or USB ports not working, or is unstable when warm, you may need this service. A Critical healthcheck is £65 and include all required hardware modifications and if needed, correctional action to reverse the defect. If your machine is one of the affected machines we will only be able to do this and not a standard Healthcheck. To see if your machine *may* be affected you can go here.

Network Healthcheck
This is a service aimed at detecting and correcting network perfomance issues. We will look at the network as a system and connected machines and equipment looking for common network configuration issues and bottlenecks. We look at things such as raw network performance, broadband performance. ARP, DHCP and DNS issues which can seriously degrade performance. DHCP configuration and ranges which can cause server and availability issues. Raw data and error rates which can reveal underlying faulty switching fabric. cabling and many other issues. We will correct any easilly fixed issues as part of the cost and at the end provide an action plan to correct any that remain. The cost varies depending on the size and complexity of the network so you should contact us for a quote. If we find the network is beyond correction we will give you the option of having the cost of the heathcheck offset against a new network installation.