We offer a full repair service. not only on PCs but most other equipment. However there are some restrictions.

PCs and laptops
We offer a full computer repair service. We are restricted what we can do in terms of some Apple equipment but we will let you know on an individual basis. We will always attempt to make board repairs where it is economical to do so and our fully equipped workshop means we can go into a level of troubleshooting many repair shops cant. We have a wide range of test equipment including that of our own design to help us.

Domestic Appliances
We do not as a rule do domestic electrical repairs, that means no televisions, HIFi units, Microwaves etc. The reason behind this is quite simple, they are very rarely worth repairing. If its something special then you can always contact us and ask, we will be honest and let you know if its worth the time.

Apple and Mobile Phones
Apple equipment is generally designed to be difficult or impossible to service. The same applies to most mobiles. If you have an Apple device that needs repair please contact us and we can see what can be done. If you have a phone then we wont be able to help you. There are a large number of mobile phone repair shops who are setup to do JUST phone repairs.

Classic Machines
Classic systems are a bit of a speciality for us. Of them especially Commodore or Sinclair equipment. As a former Commodore repair centre we have a LOT of experience with these machines.

Anything else, please contact us and we will see what can be done. We will try most things and we've done everything from boiler control panels to LED signage systems.