Event Support

We offer a wide range of services to events and festivals. You'll find a brief list of all the services below but we can do much, much more.


Most events now have the need for at least some form of networking. Be it just for payment systems or massive site wide networks. From 1 acre to 600 acres we can provide massive temporary networks based on proven, tested technology without resorting to WiFi and the problems that brings. We can provide customer and or trader WiFi, captive, interactive show guides delivered over Wifi and more.

Telecoms & Issue Tracking

Good communications are key to making an event run smoothly. We can provide complete temporary telephone systems, call centres, phone numbers and emergency phones for the use of attendees. We can back this up with ticketing and management software to make handling customer and site issues a snap.


As we have already said, communications are key. We are an OFCOM licenced radio communications provider and can provide hire of portable radio systems, base units and repeatersas well as high power licenced wireless links for your event. We can also provide advice on getting the best use of these systems covering Analog, DMR, MPT1327, TETRA and Band C WiFi


A sad reality of events is that accidents and crime happen. CCTV is becoming an increasingly vital part of larger events and may be required by licencing authorities. From a single camera to a hundred cameras we can privide temporary, semi permanent and permanant CCTV installations and security stations for your event. All installed and operated within ICO, police and SIA guidelines.

Monitoring and Management

Events are a very different environment to an office. Cables get damaged, generators fail, water gets places it does not belong and people are trying to get to places they don't belong. Our network nodes include environment and power monitoring as standard. We can also provide weather, perimiter monitoring, access control, issue tracking and management and even equipment and personnel tracking.


Although we do not provide fire services, we do work alongside our industry partners, Sharp Fire. You can find more information here from their web site


Pretty much every event requires some level of medical cover. We can advise and always have at least one medically trained member of staff on hand. All our veichles carry first aid equipment and defibrillators but this is intended for staff and event crew support at a low level. For full first aid and meedical coverage we work together with Sharp Medical services. More information on their services can be found here.